The Trap of War

My Personal Thoughts Which I'm Currently Processing.

War! What is war?

In my book, war is insisting I'm right, at the expense of my brother human beings quality of life, freedom of choice, or even his or her personal freedom.

War is a technique to keep people under control, prolong their enslavement, keep our attentions diverted, that the world government and religious system might get and maintain power over us.

If peace is total love and acceptance, while meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters, in spite of their sinful mishaps, as the Holy Ghost leads us, then war is the exact opposite.

War is where we seek to hurt our fellow man, in spite of his or her needs for peace, love, and security in knowing their needs will be met.

But what is war?

Competition is war. Years ago, I became one of the top youth horsemen in the nation. I trained my own show horses and road them. I was so driven to win, I was blind to what I actually was doing to my fellow man.

By seeking to compete to win a blue ribbon, a prestigious trophy or belt buckle, I was in the business of tearing down my fellow man for my personal, selfish agrandizement. Tearing down my brother showman and show women in spite of their needs to feel like a winner also.

Every human being has the God given right to have their needs met. Please notice I did not say "have their wants met". I said, "every human being has the right to have their needs met". It's a God given right.

When a human being's needs are met, there is peace. The adversary has much less to little power to tempt, because the human spirit is much more void of desperation and fear, which causes men and women to do unwise things.

The western world has raised war to an art form.

Sportsmen of all kinds, seeking the big money, and prestige, jockey for position and advantage over each other. Even to the point they kill each other in unfortunate accidents.

Politicians in the name of freedom of choice, have raised gossip, slander, lies and back bighting to ever higher levels of semi believable perfection. They manipulate we the masses, dividing and splitting the national vote into mincemeat! To the point Bill Clinton won the presidency (second term) with just 12,000,000 million votes!

Churches and ministers, when not infighting over who's right and who's wrong, fight as individual church denominations, against each other as to whom has the most correct doctrine, or "authority" from Heaven. Never minding the needs of the sincere members and participating people who just want to know and better communicate with God at a basic level, that their spiritual needs might be met.

Our education system is a war also. The education system works on the principle there are only "so many scholarships"... The system force students, all whom are worthy of the best education as the next man, to jockey and compete for what every man should be able to have freely, even though it may still cost money.

The Work Place by default is a war. When one business is not competing to kill their competition by doing more for less, ( such as Wal-Mart) the low pay to the employee's keeps people working, even though they really cannot afford to keep their job.

The Rich, Wealthy, keep the squeeze on the middle class and poor, paying them just enough to keep them working, but never to much as to make anyone truly financially free and independent. To many entrepreneurial middle class, and the system would be busted wide open. So every several years, a market crash is arranged. This keeps the poor and middle class hopping, desperate, and dependent upon those in control.   

In a nutshell, the system forces us all to in one way or other, prey upon each other. The strong upon the weak, and when the weak cannot take any more abuse, the weak rise up in corporate mass rebellion. Though the weak are justified in their ire, they in the long run commit the sin of forcing the strong to become weak, or worse, take the lives of the wealthy and powerful who are in control.  Something that is wrong.

Setting the foundation for the cycle to repeat all over again.

Peace Can Reign 
When needs are met, such as feeding a hungry man a sandwich, or helping a desperate housewife with the kids and laundry, working to heal the sick, to administer to those afflicted in all ways, needs get met. People receive relief!

Housewives, marriages, children’s lives, and the inner dignity of men and women are preserved. Because they know somebody cares, that some body loves them.

When This Happens

The adversary looses power, because God's people are acting like Christ's immune system. After all is not this church of Christ supposed to be called the "Body of Christ"? Are not the members of Christ's church supposed to support, edify and meet the needs of each other?

In every Church of Christ, the membership and Priesthood are to meet with each other, and confess to each other their sins and struggles. Transparent to each other, all may see, witness and know each other, to be able to share with and edify each other, that each others needs might be met. That compassion might be stirred up. The needful opportunity to love and respond to each others needs in a Godly and appropriate way, might be encouraged.

But This Is Hard! 

The paradigm, meeting peoples needs is hard work. Paradoxically, it takes a soft, well disciplined heart. A person who not only can speak transparently, in all vulnerability, but a person who can listen also without feeling defensive.

It Only Takes 1 Man To Change the World  

Joseph Smith was just 1 man, but he, willing to do the will of God and meet the needs of man, changed the world forever.

By the sin of 1 man, (Adam) all men were condemned.

By the Righteousness of 1 man (Christ) all men can be redeemed who believe on Him. The kicker is we the Church of Christ are called to like Christ, meet the needs of all mankind.

It only takes 1 to make a difference!



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