Response to MrHFMetz

What I Believe Come Out of Babylon Means MrHFMetz Whoops! Maybe I jumped gun and made a wrong assumption about what you were trying to say. You've hit a hot button with me, please don't make assumptions as to my verbal intent, I mean what I say next in all charity. I come by it honestly, and yes I'm pretty biassed, but perhaps not without reason. I'll let you judge. To give you some context of me, I'm now 41 years old, a carpenter, horse trainer and farrier among other things.  I'm RLDS, and yes, you're right! Nobody much talking about coming out of Babylon, very few discussing what coming out of Babylon means. Not in conferences, not at church meetings, zip zilch, nada! Sad to hear the LDS aren't either! To bad! My education about coming out of Babylon comes purely from how the Lord God has worked with me and my family. When I was about 4 years old, my parents were told by the Lord to move. Did God tell dad and my mother to go to a well p

The Truth About Ebola?

Dear Reader, If the United States Government held a Google patent on an Ebola virus, would you want to know about that? If Google Patents actually has the recorded patent, would you like to see it? If a Liberian Scientist claims testing of Ebola Virus/"Vacinations" upon live human subjects was being conducted by the U.S. and Canada, as early as January 2014 of this year, would you be curious? Is it pure coincidence the same area in Africa, where the Ebola outbreak originated from, happens to be the same area in Africa where live testing of black Africans for syphilis and Gonorrhoea happened in World War 2? These are information links to raw data with rare real times quotes on the subject we have not seen released into the news media. They are more informative that all the news stories we've heard. . . Please read.    (NaturalNews) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as "EboBun." It's patent No.

A Message to PureMormonism reader "Anonymous"

Dear Anonymous Reader, Jesus said we are judged by our words. It is out of the abundance of my own personal grief and frustration with all branches of the Restoration, my mouth speaks. I'm not personally condemning anyone. But voicing my own cry for what is right, but has been trampled by men. We rob the poor because of our fine sanctuaries. Our worldly temples, fine cloths, fast cars, yet forget that God made us to be different! God made us in His image, to be tender, lovers, peacemakers, innovators, developers, and servants of each other according to each our personal skills and gifts. To serve as the Holy Ghost leads!  For as I beg God for the rain, for the harvest, for my nurture and support, so should I also give to those whom beg for the same like support. IN this, I become like God! In this, should I not give to those in need, I am condemned, becoming like the enemy! Operating as God intended, the Body of Christ is a perfect Celestial immune system. A healthy body

The Trap of War

My Personal Thoughts Which I'm Currently Processing. War! What is war? In my book, war is insisting I'm right, at the expense of my brother human beings quality of life, freedom of choice, or even his or her personal freedom. War is a technique to keep people under control, prolong their enslavement, keep our attentions diverted, that the world government and religious system might get and maintain power over us. If peace is total love and acceptance, while meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters, in spite of their sinful mishaps, as the Holy Ghost leads us, then war is the exact opposite. War is where we seek to hurt our fellow man, in spite of his or her needs for peace, love, and security in knowing their needs will be met. But what is war? Competition is war. Years ago, I became one of the top youth horsemen in the nation. I trained my own show horses and road them. I was so driven to win, I was blind to what I actually was doing to my fellow man.

The Subject of Priesthood Authority

A Letter To Rock- The Subject of Priesthood Authority   Rock,    I'm sorry but you've hit my pet peeve hot button!    I don't think the word authority as we use it today in reference to priesthood is the correct word. Not because it's the wrong word, but because of the hardness of our hearts and attitudes in how we view God and what we think God calls authority. First off, anybody who thinks in those word terms (having authority from God) is setting themselves up to play God. The idea I now have authority to act in the stead of Jesus Christ is a selfish narcissistic dream. To my thinking it's a lie. The thought should never enter my mind that (I have authority) Here is why.  Yes Jesus did say ( I have chosen you and ordained you), yes Jesus did choose His priesthood. Jesus gave His priesthood spiritual responsibility to look after and tend the sheep... But His Priesthood also have a responsibility, to emulate the sa

Trust Not In Man

A Reply To A Pure Mormonism Reader The key to life is not to trust in man, but to trust in God only. I think you already know the answers to your own questions, but are unsure of yourself, or how to proceed. For that I have some instruction/advice for you. Take what I have to say which is good and applicable to you, leave the rest. Don't trust to much in me, I'm a man. Trust in God.  Take those same words and feelings, you placed upon Pure Mormonism blog in direct question to me, instead take them to your God daily for as long as it takes to get an answer, and let Him counsel you. ( I repeat: For as long as it takes to get an answer)  Talk to God about your own sins, seek to get understanding from Him about your own personal errors. As He instructs you and you see yourself better, you will see others more accurately and know what to do.  Note: In the ancient Greek, the word sin: ( is an archery term) which means to miss ones target. Note: In ancient days, anyon