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The Trap of War

My Personal Thoughts Which I'm Currently Processing. War! What is war? In my book, war is insisting I'm right, at the expense of my brother human beings quality of life, freedom of choice, or even his or her personal freedom. War is a technique to keep people under control, prolong their enslavement, keep our attentions diverted, that the world government and religious system might get and maintain power over us. If peace is total love and acceptance, while meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters, in spite of their sinful mishaps, as the Holy Ghost leads us, then war is the exact opposite. War is where we seek to hurt our fellow man, in spite of his or her needs for peace, love, and security in knowing their needs will be met. But what is war? Competition is war. Years ago, I became one of the top youth horsemen in the nation. I trained my own show horses and road them. I was so driven to win, I was blind to what I actually was doing to my fellow man.