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Response to MrHFMetz

What I Believe Come Out of Babylon Means MrHFMetz Whoops! Maybe I jumped gun and made a wrong assumption about what you were trying to say. You've hit a hot button with me, please don't make assumptions as to my verbal intent, I mean what I say next in all charity. I come by it honestly, and yes I'm pretty biassed, but perhaps not without reason. I'll let you judge. To give you some context of me, I'm now 41 years old, a carpenter, horse trainer and farrier among other things.  I'm RLDS, and yes, you're right! Nobody much talking about coming out of Babylon, very few discussing what coming out of Babylon means. Not in conferences, not at church meetings, zip zilch, nada! Sad to hear the LDS aren't either! To bad! My education about coming out of Babylon comes purely from how the Lord God has worked with me and my family. When I was about 4 years old, my parents were told by the Lord to move. Did God tell dad and my mother to go to a well p