The Subject of Priesthood Authority

A Letter To Rock-
The Subject of Priesthood Authority


I'm sorry but you've hit my pet peeve hot button! 

 I don't think the word authority as we use it today in reference to priesthood is the correct word. Not because it's the wrong word, but because of the hardness of our hearts and attitudes in how we view God and what we think God calls authority.

First off, anybody who thinks in those word terms (having authority from God) is setting themselves up to play God. The idea I now have authority to act in the stead of Jesus Christ is a selfish narcissistic dream. To my thinking it's a lie. The thought should never enter my mind that (I have authority) Here is why. 

Yes Jesus did say ( I have chosen you and ordained you), yes Jesus did choose His priesthood. Jesus gave His priesthood spiritual responsibility to look after and tend the sheep... But His Priesthood also have a responsibility, to emulate the same relationship with Jesus/God as Jesus demonstrated between Himself and His Father. 

Jesus also said He could do nothing of Himself, but that which was of His Father in Heaven. Jesus had no power, except that which was given Him of the Father. Same likewise to the priesthood.

Jesus did not come to testify of himself, but of the Father in Heaven. Jesus came to do the father's will on earth as in heaven. Jesus was lowest of the low. In a nutshell, Jesus didn't do squat, unless the Father told Him to. So should also the priesthood...

This is the same type and shadow of how the priesthood should act, and how they should perceive themselves as having authority. But not authority, rather responsibility. Priesthood Responsibility... Because if I mess up as a priest, it's my rear end on the line with God, not yours or the memberships. 

The word authority often conveys the idea of kingship, or power over something or somebody, to which all others are subject too. . . When really the true meaning should convey the responsibility of a shepherd/farmer/servant, who loyally, lovingly, guards and tends to the flock for his Creator.

However to properly tend the flock, demands much from the servant, it costs him personally and dearly, it may even kill him, Priesthood responsibility might cause marriage problems, time problems, problems of all sorts for that individual servant. The priesthood calling and ordination, is a covenant responsibility with blessings of extra power, wisdom, stamina attached, ( upon obedience to gospel principles as taught said priest by the Holy Ghost) not because the person receiving these special gifts and blessings is super spiritual special, but because he's weak and unable to serve without the extra spiritual help get him through. Said another way, it's God's way of reimbursement for those souls who will be sorely challenged in body and spirit for the building of His Kingdom.

The idea of having authority is a misnomer concept. The priesthood calling in the restoration is that certain men have been given permission by ordination, as having authority given them by God, to personally answer His calling as priesthood,  to do as the Doctrine and Covenants says "magnify themselves and their priesthood calling" (my own paraphrasing)...  All true! But....!

They must first attain the gospel, magnify that gospel within their own personal lives and in their families lives. They must personally prepare to be told by God when to go out and preach, teach ect. Unfortunately, most Restoration Priesthood of all kinds, believe once Elder's or Priest's hands have been "clapped" upon them, they can open their mouths... That also is a lie. We are not supposed to open our mouths, unless told to by the Father... Otherwise, we make the Lord's word void...

Rock I could say I have priesthood authority, but I never think of it that way. It's a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous thing to do. To think one has authority to do God's will, (because that's the implication" when we say "I have authority given me from God" is like walking up to the Ark of the Covenant and touching it! 

Saying those 4 dangerous words ( I have priesthood authority) to my view kills any priesthood authority I might have. It's not about my being humble in front of others, but humble in front of my own eyes and before God. 

Which is why I think there is very little power in the Restoration today. 

We have forgotten that Joseph Smith for many, years, was visited by an angel, he was taught and trained by that angel in spiritual discipline. Joseph Smith had to spiritually prepare, to magnify and receive his calling of responsibility to be prophet to the church. Indeed Joseph was first ordained a lowly Aaronic Priest. Becoming a prophet does not happen over night! You don't just wake up and say "I'm going to be a Prophet today"! All priests must hoe the full row of responsibility. There are no exceptions!

Nor can a humble priest (myself) think he's going to preach the gospel with power, never having attained or magnified and manifest the gospel with power within his own life and that of his family.

We Restoration priesthood must get our own houses, and family lives in order first.... Before directing the Church membership and world at large how to get their own houses in order.

To often, we make ourselves spiritual hypocrites, we tow the corporate church “party line”, instead of God's true calling for our lives. We as a priesthood are not understanding we are being watched by a scrutinizing world. A world who understands better than we Restoration Priesthood, that walk and talk need to be congruent, not only to say, but do.

When Michael Jordan's self discipline and hang time in the air is longer than many Restoration priesthood's relationship with the angels of Heaven, the Restoration Movement as a whole, needs to sit up and take note, to look at ourselves, and realize we've blown it big time! 

We the Church are supposed to be taught from on high! To be taught from on high like the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants teach
es, we priests must become in our own eyes, less than the dirt we tread upon. For even the dirt obeys God in all things. 

Like you I don't like the semantics of how people speak about priesthood authority. It's almost like they're being a respecter of persons. On the other hand they have a point also. But their testimony is poorly lived, so their arguments lack weight, and their attitudes lack humility. 

I can show you what those people are meaning, but I must also say I sympathize with your views to a strong degree.

After all, This is Jesus Church, it's "The Church" and the church should be 1 body.
This is how I feel... But I cannot make others repent, only myself. I cannot make other people want to change their lives, their actions, their speech patterns, so they line up in congruency with one another and with God.

I cannot change others, only myself so that I am as self congruent as God made me to be. My hope is God will see and accept my self sacrifice, not only to say, but do God's will in Heaven and on earth. Hopefully, if I've humbled myself to His standards, (where He and I are speaking to each other regularly) I won't just be a priest called by Him to minister. Rather the Father will see I've have taken up my cross, magnified my ministry at home, That I will be called “Chosen” by God Himself, not chosen by my own will, self perceptions or by my personal intelligence.

But chosen by the Father, because I value my relationship with Him, earning me the status of loyal follower, servant, and hopefully friend of the Master.

God Bless 

Brian Marshall 
Priest of the Reorganized Branch of the Restoration. 


I have more to say, but I should stop for now.


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