Trust Not In Man

A Reply To A Pure Mormonism Reader

The key to life is not to trust in man, but to trust in God only.

I think you already know the answers to your own questions, but are unsure of yourself, or how to proceed.

For that I have some instruction/advice for you. Take what I have to say which is good and applicable to you, leave the rest. Don't trust to much in me, I'm a man. Trust in God. 

  1. Take those same words and feelings, you placed upon Pure Mormonism blog in direct question to me, instead take them to your God daily for as long as it takes to get an answer, and let Him counsel you. ( I repeat: For as long as it takes to get an answer) 
  2. Talk to God about your own sins, seek to get understanding from Him about your own personal errors. As He instructs you and you see yourself better, you will see others more accurately and know what to do.

In the ancient Greek, the word sin: ( is an archery term) which means to miss ones target.

Note: In ancient days, anyone who picked up a bow, knew how to aim one. So "to sin" means they missed their target knowingly. They looked at a substitute target, and let fly their arrow. One cannot sin, unless they are educated that there is a God. If we know there is a God, we likely know some of His rules for life. Therefore if we sin, we do so out of rebellion. Either because we do not understand fully what we do, or we understand all to well, and have chosen against God.

Life a Contradictory Paradox...?

Life is not about refraining from the negatives or "sin". (Yes we are to refrain from sin, I'm not saying sin is good) Life is not about, "not doing badly". 

Life is about doing well, doing good. Living excellently, and in the positive attitude in God's eyes. But what does that mean? (It means follow the Holy Spirit) To learn to follow the Holy Spirit we must make mistakes- or said another way, we sin.

 Mistakes are the bumpy road to salvation. By stumbling we learn. We kinda already know the answers, but are unsure if we're right. So even though we sorta know, we often let man or woman convince us away from what we already intuitively know.

We kick ourselves later when we find out our intuition was right all along. The intuitive is of God. The external often is of the devil. The external is put there to  distract, confuse and divide.  To often we as people pay attention to the external circumstances. The T.V., News Programs,Soap Operas, Television gossip columns, I Phones and over usage of Internet. Our wife’s bad attitude, our hubbies smelly socks on the floor. All can be distractions leading us away from getting with God.

All mentioned and more can be idols, interrupting our communion with the internal, intuitive God.  But if we have life in us, this sin will hurt terribly. Which we will not want to repeat.  If the sin of avoiding the internal knowledge which God places within us does not hurt, then we have become hardened, to tough skinned to feel the "pricks of the Holy Spirit" and we should be very deeply in fear of our plight. 

No mistake, if you Mr. Hubby are leaving smelly socks on the floor, your wife has a right to be mad at you... Especially if she always has to pick up after you. Smelly socks on floors are an an example, external indicator of an inwardly slothful condition.

Dysfunctional stewardship, leading to floor bound smelly socks, mad wives and husbands running for their lives, create really bad external distractions, and the devil laughs because he has strongholds through which he can spiritually manipulate and play people against each other. 

Tasting the Bitter to Know the Sweet

We must taste the bitter fruit first, that we may know which fruit which is desirable and sweet above all other fruits.(which is the tree of life)

But often "in church" we are taught to look at the fruit of life, but not partake of the tree of life and receive Heavens power. Indeed, we often are taught to scorn those who do partake of the life giving tree. 

 Discernment can only be taught by mistakes. You make a bad choice, it hurts! You make a good choice and when God pats you on the back, it feels really Good! This is how we learn...  How I learned.

Lack of sin pertaining to negative conditions and circumstances, can only exist in how we treat the negatives... How we choose our attitudes and words, in the face of adversity. (charity) But true lack of sin, can only begin to exist ,if we begin to let go of our sins, and grasp onto those good things (God who is in us) tells us to each personally and pro actively hold onto.  

The paradox: 

we must let go, to receive that which is good, if we never want to sin again.
We must loose our current life to gain our new life.

This can only come by the Holy Spirit's guidance in all things.     

Hiding our Talents
Can lack of sin and lack of good works go hand in hand? 
There can exist a lack of sin, and a lack of good works at the same time. (not really, but I'm trying to convey an idea)So it sounds weird right? Weird but sorta true. Let me explain. 

 This is the same as to bury ones talent. You didn't sin according the rule book, but you didn't do anything good either. (as in didn't follow the Holy Spirit) That is my point. (more on this and church later.)   

Only God knows what is good, what is right, what is true, what is accurate.
What we each should do. 

While you may not have intend it so, asking me your questions could be you putting your trust in me. Making me a guru. (essentially making me god).

Unless we speak good of our brother, we are a detractor to our brother, this equates to being an accuser of the brethren, a type and shadow of Satan.
Something I'm sure none of us here reading want to be. It would be better to just keep quite. See James 1:5.

("In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these your brethren, ye have done it unto me").
Transparency and Sin

Where sin and grave hurt has been committed, open transparency is a must, that in the mouths of two or three witnesses every word should be established.(not unto sin, but unto what is righteous and just before God)

This is the meaning of a righteous judge, or to "judge righteous judgement". (see Matthew) (right judgement can only be done by people who listen to the Holy Spirit's voice) Scripturally, only the Holy Spirit allows us to judge righteous judgement. Therefore if we make a judgement call about another person, we must do so by the power of the Holy Ghost. 

A paradox...   

To be one with God, is to be one with yourself. To be one with yourself, you must gain self understanding, which can only come from God. Nobody else can teach you how to be you. Only He who made you, can teach you how to be authentically you. 

The Kingdom is within you. Go within you to find yourself, to find your God, to find your answers. You're body is the temple of God, Jesus is your high priest inside you.

We must all act like Jesus is inside us, we must get very "literal" about God's word. God's word is a lamp unto our feet. It allows us to see just enough ahead of ourselves, within ourselves we won't trip. But no father.

A god in a Box? 

There is no recipe book for righteousness. Those who want a cookie cutter god in the box or book, who want something safe, and comforting are not going to want the God I know.  The God I know is more fierce than a Lion, more dangerous than Lighting! You don't mess with Him! And, He isn't going to mess around with you either! If we're serious about Him, He will love us and take care of us. (if we follow His Spirit). But if we don't hear Him and do His bidding, He'll allow us tp destroy ourselves.   {after all we all have to learn somehow} 

The dynamic situational reality is different for every man and woman on earth. But the one constant is what we are all accountable before God, God is trying to educate us to save our spiritual hides, and we have to learn our lessons.

Nurture Versus Ridicule

The difference between negative and positive is a simple word.

The word is nurture. Nurture is not always pleasant. It can be damnably, heartbreakingly tough to face good nurture from a loving God! It can be tough to learn to be like God. To nurture each other to strive with each other, while being right with God doing so. Not easy! You see we've sold out so often in negative situations, it's second nature to give in to the temptation of being negative, and invalidate others for their valid, but perhaps erroneously shared concerns.

To nurture our spouses, families, and church, we must first nurture ourselves to a right physical (temporal) and spiritual health.
Which can be discerned and attained only by the Power of God.

We must discipline ourselves to call on God daily, that we may have and magnify this power.

By the way, when answers are given, (at least when given to me) no more insight into my life is given, until I obey  and comply with that which the Lord has shared with me firstly. Unless I respond to God's nurturing voice, I'm in trouble. I am the ridicule of the world.

Victim Christianity
Being Used by Our Church
(Fleecing of the Sheep) 

Much of the church today regardless of denomination, teaches a victim style hollow Christianity. A Christianity without power.

We as people, often destroy ourselves through bad habits and dysfunctional behaviour, but do the churches call us each personally to task and repentance for such behaviour? Do they truly give us tool to over come? Or do they give us rule we cannot break?

To truly repent and come unto Christ requires a gift, yes a tool, by which we can leverage ourself away from sin?

For any Church to call me to task for my personal sins, means that minister has to have a relationship mature enough with God in power, that God is telling that minister what my sins are or my repentance needs to be. But do you see this happen much? I sure don't!   

Calling people to hard core repentance doesn't make money... Because it makes members mad! Mad people don't pay. So churches often talk repentance, but the ministry usually does not insist you walk it. For true repentance to work, people must follow the Holy Ghost, the tool which allows all men to overcome sin.

LDS Elders, or Protestant Pastors, all must become humble before God, and the Church, confessing their sins before all. Not something popular to do, if you're supposed to be the "authority on God".

But a hypocritical ministry cannot have power of the Holy Ghost. God will not stand Himself and His laws made a mockery. Like the jilted Husband or wife, God just leaves the Church. Remember God cannot put His people down. He does not browbeat His people into submissive obedience. God wants a true, trust, a true loving relationship. Like a woman, God wants to be truly wanted, but like a dominant, slow to anger man, if He's going to badmouth us, He'll just allow evil to come upon us. Like unto Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Further more, church corporations today, don't want the Holy Ghost involved. A Holy Ghost involved membership, cannot be manipulated. Indeed, if the membership all followed the Holy Ghost as they're supposed to, the story of Paul and Annanias could happen in reverse. Annanias was a member of the ancient church 2000 years ago.  Annanias lied to Paul and to the Holy Ghost, and for that sin, the Holy Ghost dropped Annanias dead on the spot.

What if the Membership was following the Holy Ghost? And the Ministers lied to the membership and to the Holy Ghost? You get my point? To be a Holy Ghost following member of Jesus Church is the highest calling in the church.
The ministers are just the servants and working Joe's. God is not a respecter of persons.      

Church Authorities Want A Maliable and Weak Church.

Churches today teach us that being righteous is not committing sin. Not sinning is a good thing, but not sinning is not the same as doing good. Not sinning is the same a leaving the car stuck in neutral. The engine may be running, but there is no power.

For a church, or member to truly live without sin, they must "do the will of the Father" in their own lives so as not to be hypocrites. They do the Father's will in the lives of their families, dominoes falling to their church and community, in that order, but primarily as the Spirit of God dictates.

The Restoration Churches have become very protestant in teaching. Meaning they teach us to honor God with our lips, but not do the verbal will of the Lord. The Restoration teaches it's members It has the everlasting Gospel, to hear the gospel, be baptized and bang! You're on your way to paradise!  But they forget to mention that "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God".

Which explains why the Restoration has no power. It explains why Joseph Smith in Section D&C Section 83 RLDS/LDS D&C 86, condemns the church, until it repents, remembering the "Book of Mormon" and the "former commandments", saying futher we as a people must "not only say, but do". . .

Otherwise we as Christ's restored Church on earth, have only a semblance of godliness, but we as a corporate group, deny the power of the Lords Spirit to direct people lives.The result is the Holy Spirit is not in the Church. Not in my church, which is why I'm not in my church either.

I am not, where God is not. If God won't spend time to show up in His Church, it's not His Church. And it's not my church either.  It's that simple.   

World Churches today do not want millions of Christians following the Holy Spirit.
They do not want church members doing the Lord's will on their own initiative.

(Churches cannot control such spiritually healthy behaviour). When God's people listen to the Spirit of God, rather than the man on the pulpit, we will see the Restoration revive! On the backside, a Holy Spirit led church makes no money!

Think if it!

Millions of Christians giving money to the poor when God says, people giving tithe when God says,  families leaving town when God says. Ministry preaching when and how God desires, why it would be a mad house and the world church system as we know it today, would collapse! (Fall of Babylon sound familiar?)

The world/Church system would not be able to control Jesus' followers, because those followers would be focused upon 1 thing. Doing the will of the Father in Heaven. 

So churches today teach men to be victims to themselves and their own poor choices/mistakes, their sins, their errors, while at the same time saying, "call on the Lord and He will save you in spite of your sins"... But the truth is Jesus came to save us from our sins. (a big difference)

 To separate and "refine" us from our sins, that we may become a holy and pure people before Him, "without spot or blemish". A people who's personal daily walk matches their talk. They are clean by virtue of their self congruence. They unceasingly pay attention to their "Internal God given knowledge", they forsake the external voices of men. They are congruent, undefiled.  

No unholy or defiled thing can enter the presence of God. Read D&C, Book of Mormon ect.

Therefore, it behoves us to repent. But!

To know what to repent from first, that God's will be one in our lives, and in order, we must first go to the Father in Jesus name... Only the Father can tell us where we each are personally "unclean".  Where we each must change ourselves. Where we each must "get our house in order". We already know, but we to often let the external noises, and pressures override the Holy Spirit's quiet and still voice. 

Baptism creates a covenant agreement between you and God (a deadly serious situation) , but does not make a person clean before God. It only gives the Father permission to work with you, but even then, only upon your willingness to accept His Personal nurture and Personal chastisement.  Upon our own willingness to repent, taking upon ourselves our own cross, the cross we each intuitively know we should carry, but have been avoiding. This cross is our personal responsibility. To our own lives, and the lives of our families and church. 

 The Macabees 
A Type and Shadow of 
the Modern Restoration

Our willingness to be a modern day Macabee like they of ancient time, to fight the war against impossible odds for the sole purpose of cleansing and  RESTORING the Lord's Temple, Our body. Following the Holy Spirit into personal repentance, to become a pure life-force giving being, can be likened to the 1 undefiled jar of oil discovered by the Macabee's in the Temple at Jerusalem! Because of the Jews effort to fight the war to cleans the temple, a miracle happened!

 The 1 lone jar, (good only for 1 days light) burned 8 days. 7 times longer, 7 times more productive giving light to all that were in the house. Hanukkah is more than a nice Jewish story. It is a type an shadow of the Restoration Movement as started by Joseph Smith.

The Restoration, a church movement which has apostatized because of the wickedness of our forefathers. A movement of Christ which once had power, but no longer, the remnants of said church only a shadow of what it once was. (Keep in mind the church never became what it was supposed to become

The Jews in the days of the Macabees and before, they in their pride descended into apostasy, and also their later descendants, because of there their own sinful choices were under oppression... They awakened and realized their own terrible plight, and realized they had to do something!

They of the Macabean revolt decided to restore a physical building called the Temple. But now it's New Testament times.

 Our bodies have become the temple. The law still exists, but the rules for temple worship have changed. The Temple is not a grand, expensive, external building made with "hands"... But a temple made "without hands".  The temple is within us, and to worship our God,  we must go into ourselves to find Him. Into ourselves (not selfishly) we must quest with Jesus as our guide Light, to cleanse ourselves from all unrighteousness.

It's time we each work to allow Christ who is the Light, to come within ourselves. To light our lives, that all may have light and may see. 

It's time the Restoration in like form awakens, we must cleans ourselves! The battle for the temple is for you, for me, for our very bodies, our very spirit, our soul, the war has begun. The War began at the beginning. But prophetic scripture calls the end of time, the beginning.

The War Is Not With Our Fellow Man
But With Ourself

How to win the war within ourselves, only God knows! Only peace can win a war fought within our own soul.  What right moves and preparation must each tabernacle of God make? Only God knows! Therefore if we of the Restoration do not want to live the compounding consequences and horrors to come, as Joseph Smith Prophesied to our forefathers before  us, we must repent, and go to the Father in Jesus name. Asking Him for guidance "in all things".

God is our Maker. God also is our General. He is our Commander if we allow Him. Are we willing to be His footmen? Are we willing to do the bidding of the Holy Ghost? Or do we want more of the same and worse as we have today?

Do we want Peter, James, and John teaching us? Do we want Jesus walking in among us? Or will we continue to "sell ourselves for naught" {3 Nephi}... Do we want joy and peace? Or do we want further captivity and condemnation? To be the laughing stock and ridicule of the world?

It's our choice, it's up to us.

Christ came to set the captive free from the prisons of their own making... But the captives have to be willing to "do" the work of learning, repenting and partnering with Christ in the effort. "Zion shall be redeemed by power".

How we act, how we talk, how we nurture our children, love our spouses, preaching only Jesus and repentance in our church by the power of God and the Holy Ghost. All these things can and must be directed by the Father in real time. We acting only upon the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

But Life is a Paradox

To end inner war, we must learn to live peace. The more we allow the inner war to exist within ourselves, the more we will continue to fight, and the more we will fight against the Prince of Peace, (regardless if we consider ourselves Christians), or a people called after Christ's own name. 

Go to Him in Jesus name.

God Bless


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